GRBL Command sample config 3018 Pro

I’m still trying to isolate what, if anything, in my config file may be causing the laser not to fire in Lightburn, just wondering if someone with a successfully working 3018Pro & Lightburn may be able to paste their command file for me to compare please? I’m running latest version of GRBL. Thanks!

I don’t have access to my PC at this time to post the config file. Two things come to mind.
First read thru this post- Configuring a 3018 CNC for use with LightBurn
Second - there is a power button on the motherboard to power on the laser, is this turned on? The fan on the laser will start if it’s on.

Thanks. My board looks quite different to yours, the supplier has ordered a new laser unit but I suspect the problem is in the config somewhere. I’ll keep reading.

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