Grbl help please

Hi guys oz ect
I have a co2 machine running lightburn, works great no issues with software or set up
I want to use a woodpecker diide laser running grbl 1.1j
I have spdnt a whole day tryong to set it up, no matter what i try (and i have read all the threds about set up offsets ect) i cant get it to burn in anywhere near my work bed or job location aprox x300 y 200 bed size
I have a feeling my gcode is way off somewhere even my starting ( go) posistion has swapoed sides, (not sure how that flippen happened), it was front left now it appears to be front right
Is there anyone that can point me to a good set of starting gcodes as a baseline.
Or shall i give up and buy another controller board?
My other machine uses a c3d
Strange but it all works fine in lastermaster, but i love lightburn and dont wsnt to give up just yet
The controller in lightburn moves thd bed and the diode fires ok, its just not working as i should regards job posistion and homing xy ect
I know oz has helped a few people with this
so sorry to bother you guys again on a similiar thread, i just need a set of good starting values, so i can go from there.
I followed one set of settings another user on lb posted and thats where everything screwed up!
Any takers fir helping s fellow burner?

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