GRBL into a home made laser (plasma) CNC

Other than an emergency stop, no.

No. Once started, all gcode has already been generated and is streaming to the machine.

If you need to dynamically control Z then perhaps yes.

Or use software specifically designed for plasma work.

I noticed in your op photos that you have what appears to be a pan in your CNC work area, the pan that your vertical corrugated edge slats are sitting in. Do you not load the pan with water during plasma cutting ? If not, try that, the water serves in part as the “cooling system”, bring the water level to within 10-16mm of the steel job material. During cutting, the water splash (from penetrating plasma jet) onto the underside of the job material will cool it and prevent warping. The water also serves to collect much of the vaporized metal, toxic off gases, and ozone from the plasma jet, although it is still very important to ventilate the work area with a localized fumes extractor and wear welding respirator if necessary; you don’t want to breath that stuff. Cutting AL and stainless steel have even more toxic fumes and off gases.

With water in the pan the warping is diminished. If it is still a problem, then yes, you should look into a Torch Height Controller (THC) which will manage Z motor keeping the torch to a preset distance above the job material during the cut. The one I use is: , but a THC is not without its own set of issues to mitigate, which I write about in the reference material I sent you.


Ikier has power outage recovery.

Thanks for your time .

Indeed i got a drain system too under the table . but i kind of not that fancy to have water in the pan . it s the very purpose of it so it s kind of no sense what i m saying . but in some job i ll not touch the plasma cutter for a long time . i don t like having some sitting water in my workshop . maybe it s totally stupid what i ll say but when you have look on the gutter of the houses or even on any steel thing, the heavily rusty part is actually were you got a sitting water spot .

I m totally aware that is actually the best solution but i m having some doubt of what is gone happen if i m not using my machine for 3 month

i ll try to adapt a joystick to manage my Z axe . i don t know if it s the best option … but i m curious about the process .


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