Grbl lpc installed

grbl lpc installed and working apart from a small problem any ideas ???

Can you describe the problem? I see some shapes and a picture.

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I put another stepper motor on coz the one that came with the k40 packed in now in lightburn this one moves then stops and moves again I have got a video of it but wont let me upload it here

You can place your video on some hosting service (youtube) and provide a link. :wink:

I posted it on the lighturn fb page

Um, well…can you provide a link here please? Not sure which fb page you are speaking of as there are several. The official support site for LightBurn is this forum.

This is not a LightBurn managed page and we do not actively participate in that group. This is not a good place to place your questions if you want support directly from us, the developers of the product.

Please post to a publicly available and open service and set to share so we can review. The fb group where you posted requires membership and is making this much harder than it needs to be.

so your problem is that you got a K40 and soon a stepper motor burned out(stopped working) so you replaced it and now that stepper motor will move a distance, stall and then move again?

If that’s the case then I would expect you have the belt too tight. If not that then there could be something preventing smooth EASY movement. Then possibly a bad cable and last an over heating driver on the controller( possibly recognized by heating but the heating can be caused by excessive load on the motor too ).

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ok will have a look tomoz thank you

And upgrade it to Smoothieware while you’re at it.

don’t like smoothieware running grbl lpc all working great now the spindle that holds the belt on stepper was loose ty all for your help