Grbl problem, please help

Hi im have problem with my Neje 3 max, after 9 mounts using im heve lost mouve Grbl , anyone can help??

Alarm 3 says somebody hit the E-stop button. Did you? Most with a mushroom head have to be rotated to restore power.

But im have not emergency buttom, how im can that reset?? Im already reset program light burn with all settings, but that didn’t help as well. What to do?

If you get al Alarm3 but have no E-stop switch, I expect you have a controller issue. You need to contact Neje or hope someone with a Neje machine joins this conversation.

Some laser machines have a sensor to detect motion or vibration, so it can shut off the laser when something unexpected happens.

If sensor is set to detect very slight vibrations, it can trigger when the laser head makes an abrupt motion from one part of the design to another.

This can happen when the laser frame is not screwed firmly to a board under the work area, because lightweight frame can move in the opposite direction from the laser head. When the sensor detects the motion, the controller can think the frame has fallen off the table and so it shuts down.

If your laser has a motion / tilt control, try changing the sensitivity to the lowest possible value.

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