Grbl Rotary Setup

i have set up the Rotary Setup unfortunately it doesn’t work .also the settings i can’t see in the machine settings.

I have a Makerbase v2 controller with Gblr 1.1 or do I need another board ? Thanks for your help

BTW, we like to keep everything public so that the whole community can benefit from the answers found. So I’ve made this a public topic post :slight_smile:

Can you further describe the problem? There are many failure modes for a rotary.

You can’t see any settings or just rotary specific settings? If the former, make sure you are connected to your controller. Also try entering $$ in the console and see what it returns.
If the latter, Grbl doesn’t have anything that will say Rotary in the settings… usually it’s the “A” axis. But depends on your setup. Sometimes it replaces the Y axis.

I’ve looked at pictures of that board and I don’t see an A axis output connection for it, just X, two Y’s, and a Z. You might need a different board to run an A axis.

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