GRBL settings diode laser

For diode laser what should the values to be set at?

A quick search pulled up

$130=230.000(x:mm max)
$131=320.000(y:mm max)
$132=200.000(z:mm max)
$133=200.000(a:mm max)
$134=200.000(b:mm max)

You probably don’t want to copy those values, since every system is different, but it might set you in the right direction. Really though, you should contact whoever sold it to you to get those values.

Yeah i look around on the net and seen so many different values.

It’s completely dependent on your machine.

$110, 111, and 112 are the maximum movement speed for your X, Y, and Z axis.
$120, 121, and 122 are the acceleration for X, Y, Z

Those two interact with each other - If you set a high speed, you probably need lower acceleration because the faster steppers go, the less torque they make, and the more likely they are to slip. High acceleration increases the chance they’ll slip, and shakes the machine more. It will also depend on how much power you’re putting through the steppers. Higher power means more holding torque, meaning they’ll handle slightly higher acceleration. These settings can even be different on two of the same machine, because of variations in build quality, lubrication, bearings, dirt, etc.

$130, 131, and 132 are the maximum travel distance for X, Y, Z and will depend on how big your machine is. If your machine has a 300 x 200 mm bed, $130 and $131 would be 300 and 200. Those are easy.