Great Find for Adding Light to a 900 x 600 or Larger

Home Depot has these 3 foot 3000 lumen shop lighting strips for $11. Wow. I put two of them in my machine (even replacing the additional lighting I had already installed).

The extra lighting is for really good for use of the Lightburn camera and crazy good use of the image trace functionality. Example:

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Nice find! Now I will have to get some!

I modified them slightly by removing the back “reflector” (two screws) and removing one of the sides (another two screws). That side I removed was just a hollow box for attaching the back and provided a mounting point.

For $11… I bought two extra.

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Hi Jeff, it’s great to see, I’m not the only one peeling magnets out of old hard drives :wink:
Your new light looks good and it is also a nice solution how you have mounted them., I have a few extra. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use them EVERYWHERE.

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I am impressed! :astonished: :+1:

I purchased a bunch of old drives but unfortunately they had cheap inferior magnets in them. They were very thin and brittle.