Greyscale and powerscale not working!? Co2 60w laser with ruida controller


When i do a greyscale photo in lightburn, my laser is making a black square, no greyscale variations.

Also when i make a powerscale test, 5 squares, 1 @ 20% powerscale, 1 @ 40%, 1 @ 60%, 1 @ 80%, 1 @ 100%

Then all the squares are doing the same power. (layer power is set min 0%, max 15%)

When i do a individual square at 10% layer, and 1 individual at 15% layer, then u see a lot of difference.

What is going wrong with powerscale and greyscale?

If you set the maximum power on the layer at 15% then nothing will exceed 15%.

Suggest you find the lowest % power you tube will consistently lase and use that for minimum.

If you are scanning then the minimum power setting is mute.

Usually with those tests, and I’m not up on the one that is supplied via the ‘laser tools’ you set the layer max to 100% and then each object (square) is set in the ‘shape properties’ to a percentage of the layer.

Is this a new laser?

Grayscale is for 3d type work on a co2 machine and it probably the most difficult to master. Might want to lower you sights a bit until you get a good understanding of how this stuff works…

Do you have a mA meter installed on your machine?

Good luck


I have used this before about 6 months ago, but now it don’t work.

Just no differences between the greyscales

Seems my controller thinks all are the same power by some reason

Yes thats what i want, 15% is black, so i want the rest go lower (0-15%) but all are engraved as the 15% one.

It is not a new laser, have this about a year, and i dit greyscale before, only now it looks like the laser thinks all the squares are the same % of power… I have a mA meter, yes

When i do only 1 square, at 1 layer of 15% power, and 1 square at another layer at 13% power, u see difference, but with powerscale test no difference, thats what i mean…

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