Greyscale printing a box

So, recently I just started using the Co2 laser and lightburn after the death of my father(trying to continue on). Well we just learned how to actually run photos and have them come out, we for the most part use Stucki or Jarvis. Well that being due to anytime we’ve tried greyscale it continues to just engrave a solid box no image with it. We used a mask on the image and used shape properties, preview shows a picture but just a box prints.

Share the image of the grayscale you are working with, the settings for this layer, the ‘Preview’ window, and we can go from there.

Grayscale with a CO2 laser is going to be quite hard. If the laser is 60w or higher, it might be impossible - they don’t even fire below a certain power threshold, and they tend to vaporize material before it darkens much, so dithered images will generally be much easier to control than grayscale. Grayscale tends to give you variable depth, not variable shading.

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