Greyscale Woes with 5.5W Diode Laser

Dear Folks,

I have been trying the Lightburn software and like it very much.
However, I am getting frustrated with getting greyscale images to work after a week of trying and reading, etc.
I have gotten fine success on birch plywood with dithering:

However, attempting greyscale has proven to be a fool’s errand. The same circle with 2000mm/s and 80% power max and different minimum power settings in greyscale mode:

(Attn: Images in reply because of media limit on new users)

So I thought maybe maybe the circle with 10% - 60% power at 1000mm/s

Or a few lines fills at 1000mm/s and different power settings:

Note the percentage steps are incredibly small.

Needless to say, no usable contrast comes out with greyscale regardless of the dynamic range I try to set up
I have also tried another piece of (solid) wood, but the results were comparable.

I believe GRBL to be configured correctly for M4 mode:


Could you please advise as to what else I might try to make greyscale work?

0% Minimum

30% Minimum

35% Minimum

50% Minimum

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