Grid Array will not function

I am no longer able to create a Grid Array. I am unsure if I selected a setpoint that disabled. Any help would be appreciated. I have 100 Tiles to do for my In-laws 60th Anniversary and won’t be able to do them one at a time before the party next weekend. Please help if you can
Thank You ,

He won’t have that - it’s a beta feature and not yet released.

@Hokiewolf You should be able to just select the shapes and go to Arrange > Grid Array
What happens when you do that? Will need to know more about what you are doing and what is happening instead of the expected result.

Thank you so very much for the assistance. I was able to rescale the array to 5.0. It was at 1123.00. I now have the template made and am engraving tiles. Thank you again

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