Grinding in Z Axis

I’m sorry if this has been asked a million times but I couldn’t find a good solution to my problem. I powered on my xTool D1 Pro 20w laser and when it moves to the homing position at the rear right, it grinds on the x axis when it gets to the right. Please help! TIA!

Did it ever work or did this arise after some use…?

History of what has happened is very helpful when debugging an issue.

Did you follow xTools installation instructions for Lightburn use, along with it’s lbdev file?


It happened when I turned it on for the first time ever. It’s fresh out of the box.
I moved the laser to the far back left per the recommendation of someone else. When I did that it would just clunk and not do anything. Then I moved it slightly to the right. It moved to the back right when I clicked on home and made the grinding sound again when it reach the far right but only for a second this time. It seems to want to continue going to the right but it can’t.

I assume it’s supposed to home?

My initial advice would be to either wiggle, unplug/plug the connector related to the failing axes switch. If they connection isn’t making contact it won’t operate.

These work pretty simply, most just ground a pin of the controller for an active status. So it’s likely that something isn’t making a connection rather than a failed piece of hardware…

Remember where this product started life and what it went through to make it to your doorstep…

If it’s new… and the wiggle option doesn’t help, I’d query the vendor for help in initially getting it to operate correctly…

Good luck…


Homing should be rear-left. Make sure X-axis cable is not plugged in backwards.


Thank you so much for your help Jack!

Listen to @berainlb

Do you have switches on one end of each of the x and y axes? Which end of which?


I’ll check! Thank you!

Oh gosh this is embarrassing but what does the switch look like? I guess I don’t know the answer to your question.

The home operation or function requires some type way to know when the head and gantry has reached the proper point… There is a switch on one end of each axes… The gantry and head move towards the switches and when there is contact the controller senses it…

They can be just regular mechanical switches or anything that will sense it’s approach… such as hall effect or optical stops.

This is on my CNC it’s mechanical…

This is on my big laser… it’s a hall effect or it senses metal.



I follow and I found them. They’re along both ends of the y axis and x axis. Ty for your patience and time.

If one is on the left side of the x axes, then it will home to the left… If the other is in the rear, it will home to the rear… the end product is it will home at the left/rear.

Where does is home?


It’s homing to the right rear. I’m able to use it with Xtool CS but it’s completely off center. I’m not able to even move it to the right in Lightburn because it goes into alarm stating “Hard limit triggered”.

That could be an issue… @berainlb advised it is rear/left…

Hope he can advise you how to handle this… I’d probably just confuse you, especially if I got it wrong… My grbl machine isn’t accessible.

Hang in there… :wink:


Okay, thank you again Jack!

There should be two sets of switches. One for Y-axis and one for X-axis.

They should be positioned such that the machine homes back-left. Can you confirm that you see switches located in those positions?

Separately, did you check whether or not your cable may be plugged in backwards?

The switches are there like you said. Which plug? All the plugs were different sizes on the ends so they only plugged in one way. The only cable that was the same on both sides I did switch around and it didn’t help. Also, everyone keeps saying it should rehome to the back left but it’s rehoming to the back right. I should also mention that I was able to use it with XCS as long as it didn’t hit the right side. When I did it burned backwards horizontally.

Is it stopping properly on the right side or is it crashing? If it’s not crashing, how is it not crashing without a switch there?

I was speculating that the cable for the X-axis was plugged in reverse causing the motor to move to the right instead of the left.

Can you confirm if jogging controls work as expected? Up moves up, down moves down, left moves left, and right moves right?

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It’s not really crashing it just keeps trying to go to the right and making a grinding noise. Wish I could post a video.

Jogging control for the y axis moves but if I hold the arrow down it just moves a little then stops so I have to keep clicking it. When I tried to move the x axis then alarm went off. It says: Hard limit triggered. Machine position is likely lost due to sudden and immediate halt. Re-homing is highly recommended.

Also, if the laser is in the top left corner when I turn it on it won’t move at all. It’s only when I move it slightly to the right that and then home that it’ll go to the back right then grind.