Grouped layers Suffer Delete

Do all layers within a group get deleted when one layer within the group is selected to be deleted?
See screen recording for details.

When you select Delete, whatever has been selected to delete will be deleted. If you have elements grouped, and you select any element in that group, all items in that group will be selected (and therefore deleted).

Short story long, the answer to your question is yes.

Also watch out when selecting items in a group if you have layers turned off/hidden. Those will still be deleted in the same manner as above.

Say, for example, you have a green circle and a red circle grouped. And you have the green layer hidden/turned off (Do Not Show). Even though the green layer is not shown, if you select and delete that red circle, the green circle grouped with the red circle will also be deleted.

Thanks Tim.
I suspected this was the case but wasn’t sure if was something I just needed to be aware of and therefor expect, or if it was an anomaly. I had this idea that if a layer was turned off (visibly) then it was immune from any editing even if it was part of a group.
I see now that this could be an advantage in the situation where a particular area or group has been finalised and you want to protect it from any editing of other areas. I have fallen into the trap of turning layers off and moving features only to find I’ve left items behind.

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