Grouping line (cuts) with fill (engraving

Have a page of ornaments. I want to engrave one, then cut the “hanging hole” and then the full ornament out…then move to the next ornament and repeat. I’ve set Optimized cut path to “Cut inner shapes first” and “Order by Group”. I’ve also went into each fill color layer and set “fill groups together”. Watching the preview it does a pretty good job of engraving each ornament (though it seems to jump around on the page) and then at the end it runs through and cuts everything out. How do I get those cuts to happen with each individual ornament? I have tried grouping/ungrouping the lines with the fills in Illustrator before importing to Lightburn and can’t get it to work like I’d like. Any suggestions? I’m using 9.19. Thanks!

One screenshot would be better than thousand words (sorry for that). You should set “order by layers”, then organize the order of layers as you need, I mean first the hanging hole in the inner cutting layer, then engraving (there should be “duplicite” hole in the engraving layer) and finally the outer cutting layer. Every time check the preview and see the order.

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