Grumpy is good upload trial

this is a trial post of .lbrn file to the forum, along with a picture of the finished item.
Cut on a chinese red & black 60w (true) machine, Ruida 644XG controller. I don’t run the tube above 18mA which equates to 65%, the tube is supposed to be rated at 20mA for 60 watts.

grumpy.lbrn (708.7 KB)


download ok too.

The idea came from a Tee-shirt I got a while ago on a holiday. I have redrawn it ( the pic is a modified jpeg from a public domain site) and the lettering is more to my taste than what was on the tee-shirt.

This is one of a set I made for some colleagues at work as a ‘warning card’ set, ie there are translucent yellow and red coaster which show progressive levels of anger - these people don’t react well to Project Managers:joy::laughing::laughing::laughing: