GUI Glitch that's been around for a long time

Clipboard Image2

As you can see from this grab My XPos is 95.5, YPos is 33, Width is 21 and height is 60…

They are 295.5, 33, 121 and 60 respectively.

these 4 gadgets are too narrow, they only show 00.000 not 000.000 and I think the first digit is rather more important than the last.

I’m using windows 10, 1920x1080 screen, toolbar icon size normal, font size 18 (I’m an old fogey I need a big font :slight_smile: ).

Please either enlarge the boxes or change the format to 3 decimal places. Three is a bit of overkill as most lasers are around 0.08mm diameter being able to position it by a hundredth of a mm is probably rarely needed, but being able to glance at the screen and see exactly where and how big an object is without having to click and scroll the box contents is far more important.

That toolbar may not be expanded, thus not showing full display. Show us what you see if you pull that toolbar from the docking and is allowed to float free from this location. Below, I have done this to show 000.000 for each. :slight_smile:

You can slide the adjacent toolbar to the right of default docking to shrink / enlarge the width of this XPos/YPos toolbar.


You may need to adjust the scaling of your display to have things fit. Worth review as well.