Handle multiple layers at the same time

this might be a strange question and it might be misusing the layers, thus simply not possible, but I’d like to ask it :slight_smile:

Let’s assume we have a workpiece of 200x200mm. We want to engrave something on it. With “fill”, means line by line…
But… Let’s make it more complex. Let’s say we have shape A that needs to be engraved with 200mm/min and 100% power and we have shape B that needs to be engraved with 1000mm/min and 20% power. (Numbers are random, just want to highlight it’s 2 shapes on the same target).
of course we do each shape on a layer. But if we execute it, the machine runs shape A and then shape B.
Means, in worstcase our machine runs 200mm x lineInterval for shape A and then again 200mm x lineInterval for shape B.

Now my rough idea. Couldn’t we modulate speed and power over both layers and instead of running twice the height (200mm) we only run it once and either fire with 100% power or 20% power depending on whare we are?

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P.S.: This question is based on a real usecase. I have 2 operations that need to be done on the same area and I was thinking if those could be don in one run instead of two, which would reduce execution time drastically.
P.P.S.: please also note, that I haven’t thought this completely through. There might be situations where you run over the same point/coordinate in both jobs. what should the combined outcome look like? obviously running setting A and then setting B on the same spot looks different then just runnign one of them.

What are your optimization controls set to do?

Ah well :slight_smile: forgot to mention that, thanks for asking :slight_smile:

I removed “Order by Layer” and “Order by Priority” from the order list. All switches are set to default values (same as in your screenshot).
But removal of those attributes didn’t change anything.

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LightBurn runs each layer and sub-layer, one at a time. There is no configuration currently available to do as you describe using layer settings.

You can accomplish this task by using a single layer and a bitmap version of your artwork. In your example, both shape A and shape B would be combined into a single image, allowing the power applied to be adjusted on the fly as the laser sweeps back and forth. To envision, think photograph, with light and dark elements.

In short, no, not easily. First, what happens if the two layers overlap? What if the two layers have different settings for line interval, fill mode, etc? Layers are set up the way they are because they control all the options for a cut, not just power & speed.

If you want different objects on the same layer to have different properties, look up Power Scaling.

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well. this was what I expected :slight_smile: Thanks for clarification.
Especially those “cornercases” like overlaps, different settings… got me wonder that it will not work. On the other hand for MY example (no different settings, no overlap) it would be a lovely feature. But of course… In terms of implementation, it’s my example that is the cornercase :slight_smile:
Bitmap version of the design is not an option for me. That’s an additional transformation step. Instead of doing this, I live with the fact that the machine is running a little bit longe.r

Thanks to all for the clarification!!
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