Handling a Laser cutter

Do to the size of the laser cutter I am looking at, the only way to get it into the room I want is to tilt it on its back. After taking everything out of machine (loose objects) would this be ok to do if done VERY carefully?

Thanks guys

If you can, secure the Y axis (gantry) to the body of the laser somehow, either with foam padding, crumpled paper, or even string, to prevent it from sliding around and knocking into the sides. Aside from that, the stuff inside the laser should be pretty well secured, so as long as you don’t bang into anything or drop it, this is fine. (Also a good idea to secure the lid)

Thank you Oz. Toolots is jerking me around on a machine I ordered so i am back to square one.

I would add to that: don’t move it with the laser tube installed.

Is that something easily removed?

I recently picked up a 50w 5030 second hand.

In order to get it through doorways we had to put it on its side like so, then come in with a hand truck from the far side in this picture then bring it through doorways and down stairs. I did not remove the tube. I did not want to deal with wiring or realignment. It survived a crate from china, the back of my van, and the hand truck across the house and down stairs.

I had to tape the door closed because the gas pistons kept popping it open when it was sideways. Here is is in its final place. The seller included this solid table and pieces of wood to put the laser on :slight_smile:

This is the one I am looking at now. IF I can take the legs off I believe I can get it into my hobby room… If the legs do not come off I might have to give them no choice. Still waiting for a response from the seller to see if they know.

Yes. I would say removing the laser does not pose a challenge as long as the machine allows for easy access to the laser tube.

At a minimum, if you don’t want to remove the laser tube, you should make sure it is secured very well in the compartment it is installed in. Many machines use mounts comprised of rubber bases and Velcro straps. Some use fully rubberized screw down clamps. By inspecting the mounting you can determine if there is a chance of the tube sliding or being affected by any type of accidental mechanical shock.

I would not go into the move blind. Also consider that the series of laser tube also has an effect on its overall physical size. So the lower power your machine, the smaller and perhaps less vulnerable your tube may be. But then again, I do not know the quality of build on your tube either.

My newest machine has a Reci W6 tube. It is 5½ feet long. I wouldn’t even install the laser tube in the machine until I had the machine completely located in its place (and I didn’t have to turn the machine on its side like you’re saying you will need to).

You should also know that any movement of the machine (over bumps, turning it on its side, transporting it on a truck or trailer, etc) always has the potential side effect of requiring realignment of the mirrors. I would never assume.

That’s the same machine I got except mine’s 80W.
Yes, the base comes off. There’s 4 large allen head cap screws, one in each corner that hold it on. I took the base off mine, stood the machine on end, and shoved it through a 28-1/2" wide doorway with almost 1/4" to spare. The tube in mine came separate in a box and not installed yet so no worries there. If the tube had been installed I probably would have been inclined to remove it before standing machine on end.
Make sure the gantry and carriage are tied so they can’t move and tape the lid shut so it can’t open.

You are my hero!!!
This is EXACTLY the information I needed!!
Thank you for making my day!

I got mine down a flight of stairs and it’s even bigger than that one. Yes the bottom legs come off and the tube is packed separately. Most of the parts will be inside the lid packaged individually so you can take all the stuff out and you should be left with a mostly empty case. Just don’t go crazy and take it easy.

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