Hangs when importing PDF file

Hi… I’m in the process of doing a trial eval for our makerspace. I ran into a problem where LightBurn hangs when importing the linked PDF below

Windows 7 64bit
LightBurn 0.9.02 30-day Trial
PDF created using scan function of a Brother multipurpose laser printer

Workaround: convert to SVG file using online tool

PDF file

any help appreciated!

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Hi Mike,

This also crashes on my PC (Windows 10 x64 - Intel i3 - RAM 16Gb)

But it works if I take a screenshot from the open PDF to a PNG and import that PNG.
(By the way, I’m removing most of the black zone.)
The I can trace image (vectorize) Alt+T without problem and then export to SVG

PDF is only an interesting solution for documents intended for printing because it allows you to define the size of the final media.
It is an encapsulation format, not a native image format.
For a scanned document to be modified, save as PNG or JPG from scanner instead.


Thanks for that workaround :+1: It would skip the convert step I’m using.

I’ve fixed the cause of the hang for this file. The format used for the image in the PDF isn’t supported yet though, so it just imports as blank. If the scanner provides the option to save as JPEG, PNG, or another image format that would work.

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