Hard limit triggered. On or near line 5

Anytime i try to move here or start a run it does this. It ran perfectly fine last night, only thing different is i purchased full access to lightburn.

License type is irrelevant so likely something else.

Hard limit triggering means the machine is basically moving into the limit switches. This would normally ever occur if the machine has lost count of steps either through manual movement of the head (by hand) or if the motors have skipped due to too fast a speed setting. If either of these are the case avoid doing this.

Also, I’d suggest using Absolute Coords as your Start From mode in Laser window if you’re not using that now.

Even then soon as i hit start it rams into the limit switches and haults. And once it does the system freezes and nearly crashes lightburn aswell. I have to power cycle it to make it do anything after
















































this is my $$ soon as i start it and it homes itself

Can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with the design loaded?

It looks like you have a work offset configured but not using work position. Is there a reason for this?

What are the actual working dimensions of your laser? Your GRBL configuration indicates 400x410 but your workspace seems quite a bit larger.

Can you run this in Console and return output?


i have extension rails. 905x 935y and i have no idea what you mean im just bumbling along trying to get things to work



















Did you create the G54 offset deliberately?

You really need to lead with that as it’s significant.

Can you run these commands one at a time in Console and return output:

G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0

Im having to edit to post ive reached my limit.
Its running better now. But its not letting me change the start point

Can you now test what you were doing before? What is the behavior? Looks like it should work.