Hard limit triggered - TwoTrees TTS-20

Where exactly I can change those settings you write about? I’m new to it. Actually haven’t done CNC work in 20 years since 19 years old

Sorry was awake from phone cooking dinner for daughter

No need to change these if you’re not having homing issues.
You need to check and make sure $32=1

I’ll try it now . Appreciate it :grin::+1: thanks

$32 laser mode enable is only TRUE OR FALS.

Ok, you’ve done what I did. You have the air assist power plugged into the laser. Swap the power cables around

Your absolutely right. I was using power box from air assist because the bigger one didn’t work on laser just air assist. I guess I got messed up power adapter or something like that. Me so happy.
Thank you so much brother. I appreciate it helping me recheck something I checked and missed before. Thank you

Thank you brother

No worries, glad I was able to help someone else out, it really frustrated me!
Both of my power supplies did work, but one was a really tight fit. Give it a bit of a push.

Very interesting. Can one of you take a picture of these power supplies and related wiring? I’m curious what Two Trees is doing …

They just emailed me in24h. Not TT just seller from Amazon. New power adapter on the way already. I had faulty big power adapter and used it with air assist and I used air assist power in laser which didn’t provide enough power.

Exactly the same thing here I just can’t make it in all the way without braking and it ended up being faulty adapter. Bro I was ready to catch orint carv. I got already orders waiting and don’t have working laser. So frustrating.
As soon as I saw your post it just completed related
To me. I feel your frustration same here.
Thank again good friend.
I never before used forum but me love it died…
:v: & :two_hearts:

Sorry autocorrect keep messing with me…so sorry

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