Hardware help needed

hi all , i have an ortur laser master 2 , a week or so ago my laser stopped working i then noticed wires going from the pin board terminal going to the laser had melted . i replaced the wires and pin board , just to be on the safe side . but the laser will still not work , i hit the fire button and the fan starts but that’s it , so, i have just now replaced the laser module as well but it still wont work . i have been in talks with ortur and they are sending me out all new wires and a motherboard. but that wont arrive for weeks yet. they did ask me to test the top set of wires going into the pin board { red, white, and, black} with a multi metre . the red and white were 12v , but i got nothing from the black and white. . i am in urgent need of getting my laser up and running, but i have run out of ideas. any help greatly appreciated. thankyou michelle

These led lasers are generally pretty simple in operation.

They have power, which is probably the red/black combination. The white wire would be the pwm control to the laser. When it goes high, the laser turns on.

It sounds like you have a voltmeter, so you can measure the voltage from black to white. At 100% power it should be at 5v at 50% power you’ll read about 2.5v.

Generally, even the chinese models use black for ground, red for B+ and white for signal. The signals are the same, the color may not be. You won’t see any voltage between B+ (red) and the pwm output (white.)

Does your laser have a separate control board for power and control of the laser? They are usually pretty small and allow you to fire it manually.

Hope you followed me… :slight_smile:


hi jack , thankyou so much for your reply , to be honest when it comes to anything electrical , it goes over my head . ortur did get me to check the wires going from the pin board to the laser ,but i got no reading from the black and white, ( and that is the extent of my knowledge). unfortunately my brain will not comply unless i have step by step instructions with diagrams set out for a 5 year old to understand .:joy: . My laser does not have a separate control board. I have so far replaced everything apart from the motherboard , which ortur are sending me in the post . i am now pinning my hopes on it being the mother board , i know that there was a bad batch of them produced in 2020.

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