Hardware items for sale - need information

I have something that is VERY common with laser users. I KNOW somebody can use it.

I do NOT want to post a “for sale” thing without permission and to know where and how to post.

Can I get information from admin on what I need to do?

What I have is brand new never been used. I bought, but wrong size. Poor customer support when I tried to return.

This is ONE shot only, I have nothing else to sell.

I want to add a combine lense setup and I need the money. I am looking for a Amazon Gift card for payment.

Once I have permission from admin - I will reveal the item(s) and the price.

We have a forum section for this:

Well c’mon man. The suspense is killing me. :smiley:

For some reason - I cannot post it that forum

the +new topic is unavailable to me, it is grayed out

I am a registered member of this forum.

Hmm. It seems to work for me.
Oz or someone official will have to comment on that one.

You’ll have access now. It’s restricted to prevent relatively inactive users from joining then spamming.

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