Hardware (laser) or communication problem? New system, new user

I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 S2 SF unit. I have just powered it up after connecting power supply, USB cable to PC (W7 64-bit running Lightburn). The laser system went to home successfully, then I was unable to “find my laser” successfully. I’m not sure how long that should take, but after waiting 30 seconds-1 minute in various trials, I decided to do manual setup. It isn’t clear what I should be seeing after the system is powered on with Lightburn in operation. Does anyone have input about whether there should be LED indicators illuminated somewhere, or whether Lightburn should normally be able to auto-find this laser? Once found or identified, is this machine a “plain” GRBL setup in the software? This seems to be a non-documented area falling between machine maker and software supplier.