Hardware or software problem with workspace size?

I have just bought the cohesion 3d laserboard to go with the Lightburn software to go in a 50w Chinese laser. The problem is I can’t find where to adjust the work space size. I know when you setup the cohesion board inside of Lightburn you can tell it the size and the work area in the program is 400mm*400mm. However, when I use the location Icon to move the laser around it only goes halfway down when I click the very bottom of the work space in the software. When I click the top it grinds against the top of the machine like it wants to go higher up but can’t. Sometimes when i mess with the zoom or the pan I can get the laser to move down further but it is nothing consistent from what I can tell. Is it a software or hardware issue? Has anyone else had this problem?

Have you set the origin correctly?

Yes, bottom left. But I did try all four just in case.

Units correctly set up?

Belts slipping?

Yes, the units are set correctly. And I did check the belts. They seems to be ok. The belts wouldn’t explain why is wants to go past the top position.

You also have to make the size changes in the config file. Visit the Cohesion3D forum, there are others working on larger machines such as yours and these details are being covered.

I have the same problem and can’t figure it out yet. It’s must be a software issue

No, it’s really not - there are settings in the config file on the SD card that tell Smoothieware how big your laser is. The LightBurn setting doesn’t affect the laser config file, so you have to set it in both places. Cohesion3D has info on how to change this - it’s just two entries in the config.txt file on the SD card.

Here is the link on the cohesion support page… not the best title to find what you need but it worked for me.