Has anyone been able to engrave leatherette with a 150w?

I’ve tried various test cards already with different line intervals from .1mm to .05mm and different air pressures. My threshold is 11% power which I’m guessing is basically 17watt’s.

Hi , yes is the short answer.
I have 130w but its close enough to yours.

I actually tried on two machines;
a 25 watt Epilog and my 130 watt.

The detail was better on the Epilog but its fitted with a 2 inch lens so no surprise there but the 130W did a good job also I just picked up the speed a little to reduce the burn.

What are your results like ?

Here’s a couple of mine

I haven’t really started the engravings yet because I’m just burning through it at 500mms and 15% power.

Maybe when you prepare an image and start burning dots and not constant power, you will see a big difference

My last laser was a small A4 K40type, and I used to cut leatherette or pleather etc.
Just be careful, the fumes can be toxic and it will cause some corrosion on some metals.
I found this to my cost .

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