Has anyone tried engraving on colored tile

I have tried searching for colored tile, but I’m not finding what I’m looking for. I see everyone engraving the white tile and also painting the tile to get a colored engraving. I’m curious if anyone has tried engraving a colored tile, like a blue porcelain tile. Would it work or does it only work if you paint the tile first? I have a LongerRay 10W Diode laser.

Blue is not a good color for Diode lasers. The emitted light is blue, and blue paint or even blue painter tape does not play well with diode laser light.

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I’ve done yellow glazed and not glazed with pretty good results. I use titanium dioxide and alcohol in a spray bottle. Make sure it is good and dry, then have at it. Blue might work too, since it’s the td2 and the glaze that react to the laser light - not so much the tile itself.

Good luck - it’s all an experiment!