Has anyone tried Ubuntu/Mint 19 yet?

I wanted to upgrade my laptop running Linux Mint.

Just wondering if anyone tried for compatibility / license transfer issues if it fails on my old laptop.


@adammhaile ?

I believe Mint is a pain in the butt because even current versions of the OS use older kernel libs that aren’t compatible. Recommendation is Ubuntu 16.04 (what LightBurn for Linux is developed on), though a few others have been tested and work well.

I’m using Mint 19.2. Works fine.

There’s a couple of rather minor issues, like the “Check for Updates” doesn’t work and when LB first starts the splash screen is invisible, but functionally LB works great.

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Yeah, with the latest Mint 19.2 it mostly works. As @Hank mentioned the check for updates doesn’t work on Mint of any version because Mint hasn’t upgraded to a remotely recent libssl.
And on Mint 19.2 we’ve heard reports of occasional camera issues. But depends on the exact camera and system setup.

The splash screen being invisible is actually most linux… it works when running LightBurn as root. Hasn’t exactly been top of the list to figure out why :wink:

But yeah, main testing matrix is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and up and Fedora 28 and up. Any of those should work fine out of the box. Other distros are much harder because they often use very old libraries (they would call this “stable libraries”).

Thanks guys. I think I will update this weekend.

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