Has anything changed in version 0.9.09 ? Frame with laser on stopped working

Before updating to 0.9.09 I was using Shift + Frame to frame an object with the laser on.
I updated last night and today the laser does’nt come on, it still does the framing.
After checking all the settings after the update everything was the same as before the update.
I have the Enable laser fire button enabled and the laser does fire when I press the Fire button on the Move settings tab. Just wondered if anything has changed to stop it working.
Everything else is working as it should.


What percentage do you have the fire button set to? One thing that changed was the precision that GRBL power values are output at. They used to be output with a couple decimal points. If the power value is below 0.5%, and your S value range is 0 to 255, it would just round down to zero, instead of sending “0.6” like it used to.

Thanks very much Oz. It was set too low. Had the fire button set to 0,05 and that still worked but not with framing.
Then set it to 0.5 and the fire and frame with laser works again.

Appreciate your help.

I was under the impression that GRBL devices ignored anything after the decimal point, but it seems this isn’t true, so I’m going to add one back in.

Never really noticed cos I don’t normally set anything that low. But it definately does recognise 0.05 and lights the laser. 0.5 is fine though anyway, don’t really need it as low as it was.

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