Has "Remove Overlapping Lines" Changed?

Hi, I’m noticing an unexpected change since two updates ago: Remove Overlapping Lines doesn’t seem to work like it did. I figured there was something wrong with my imported SVGs, but yesterday I created an array of 24 circles in Lightburn and they all have burnt spots where the laser hit them twice. Has something changed with the way this function…functions? Tx!

Do you have a picture?

No. It was yesterday’s project, and I didn’t think to take a photo.

I asked because I have a hard time imagining overlapping lines in a circle array, I will think it was only points the lines meet each other.

That’s fair. It looks like they’re touching, no matter how far I zoom in.

It only works with lines that cover each other perfectly. A circle has no equal line segments (theoretical). Their touch/cutting will always be a point.

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Alright, I’ll spread out circle arrays from here on out. Thanks.

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