Have "Rotary Setup" window auto pop-up when "Rotary Enabled" is turned on

It would be handy to have the “Rotary Setup” window pop up automatically when the rotary is enabled. This would ensure that someone doesn’t forget to enter the proper diameter…not that it’s ever happened…

Also, it could auto re-home after turning the rotary off, to reset the Y axis. (or have a button to enable/disable auto-home)

It’s a good idea to reset the machine after switching out of rotary mode, but I wouldn’t want it to happen immediately when you made the change - some people will switch it in the software first, then swap the plugs on the hardware, so if I auto-homed it could crash the machine into the rotary.

I think having the rotary setup window pop up whenever the rotary is on would probably get me chased out of town by those who do primarily rotary work, and I don’t always know right away (I often have to actually ask the controller, depending on which machine you have).

Thanks for the quick reply.

I meant have the rotary setup window pop up when you click the rotary enable button. That way it would only pop up when enabling, not open for each job. If the button is left enabled, the window wouldn’t open again, until you disable and then re-enable.