Have you ever considered adding a dwell time between passes

Since I am sitting here waiting for a 3 hour job to finish I was wondering if there was ever any thought to adding a dwell between passes.
I ask as I like to let the laser sit between a long pass that might take 50-80 minutes or more and yet requires 2 or 3 possibly 4 passes…usually 3. Was always recommended to let the laser sit or recover between long burns at higher power.
Back when I used to work on flowing gas lasers would not have been an issue but sealed tubes not so sure.
Anyway…may not even be possible since the entire job is sent in one bunch and I have no idea if there is even that ability within the ruida.

We haven’t considered this for CO2 systems at all, no - with water cooling there isn’t really a need for it.

O.K.that will work

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