Have you tried the LightBurn 1.4 beta?

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a week since we released the open beta for LightBurn 1.4 - and it seems to have gone well… we haven’t received any negative feedback, it’s been surprisingly quiet to be honest. So, this post is us asking you: How’s it going? Do you have questions or issues regarding the 1.4 beta release?

You can read more about the Public Beta here: Public Beta Releases - 1.4.00 - #2

Looking forward to your comments!

:+1: :+1: for the ability to read the entire config ($$) from the Ortur LM3 via wireless! (noted “fix” in release notes)

Have an issue with deleting paths during a heavy path-editing session but this is the first time I did this so any issue may also show on previous versions.

I scanned a line drawing into Inkscape and did a centerline path trace, then imported the .SVN into LB.
I was touching up the line endings with the node editing function when I noticed I had several lines that were stacked on top of each other.

Not wanting to try again w/Inkscape, I decided to just spend some quality time with my mouse and remove these excess lines.

There were about 70 of them.
I would select the line (path), select the edit-nodes and drag one end over to expose the identical line lurking underneath.
On most of these pealed away lines (that were still showing they were selected), I’d hit delete to remove them. Early on it worked as expected, but later on the delete key did nothing. I’d have to select another line (deselecting the pealed away line), then reselect for the delete operation to work.

Anyway, not a big thing and there are probably better ways, but still odd enough to report :slightly_smiling_face:

The warp feature is very nice.

I like the Warp feature and I have been waiting for. So thumbs up. I often need a warping when I engrave tumblers.

But it would be nice when then warp points would snap other objects/lines/points to get the exact size you want. So you can warp exactly with some help-rectangles.

It would also be nice to have some width/height measurements when moving warp points for the selected side, because mostly you will get a exact length or height while warping. So you dont need to draw any help rectangles to get the exact dimensions.

Really liking the warp and deform features.
Is there any chance you could add in a 9 point deform?
Would be nice to deform from the centre of an object. Something like the T in the H-D logo.

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