Having a problem with text over an image then export to svg

I am creating a logo. I used LB to import a gear, traced it and deleted the original gear image.
In LB, I then created text inside and over the gear image.

In lightburn, where the text crosses over the gear image, those intersections of text and image switch from black to white, as expected.
Logo as it appears in Lightburn

When I export is an an svg, the result only shows some of the characters of the bottom text switching from black to white, the upper line of text does not. There are 4 items here…
1.) the gear
2.) one letter ‘W’ I flipped around 180 degrees to make it an ‘M’
3.) the letters ‘ansel’s’ next to the inverted W.
4.) the letters ‘Workshop’

I arranged everything the way I wanted them in LB selected everything and then grouped them together then exported as an svg.

When I open that svg in Inkscape, it looks like this:
Logo as it appears in Inkscape

What am I doing wrong (please, no comments on the design itself. I’m no graphics artist :slight_smile:

The exporter for SVGs doesn’t handle that specific case because it’s quite rare that people want it to look that way. A better option would be to offset the ‘Mansel’s Workshop’ text slightly, then select the outer gear and the offset shape, and use Boolean Subtract to cut it.

Like this:

Alternately, if you use InkScape to ‘Combine’ the paths, you should be able to tell it to use odd/even filling, which is what LightBurn does, and that would preserve the original look. I’m not sure how to do that in InkScape.

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I think that would be found in the Fill & Stroke menu.

Also note that Oz mirrored the W to make an M rather than rotate it so the heavy parts are at the leading side of the letter.

I did not notice that, I knew it looked better somehow, but now that you mentioned that i see it.
I took his idea with the boolean difference a little further and this is what I ended up with.
Much less cluttered.

Thanks again for your help!


Even better than mine. :slight_smile:

You’re a good teacher! :grinning: :clap:

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