Having issues with the auto-join selected shapes command

Or, it could be me? I have a sprocket design I imported as a SVG. I am trying to join the individual segments and in some cases it works, in others it will not join one segment to the next. I initially tried using the node editing tool but I’ve also tried the “auto-join” command after selecting the two segments, which doesn’t seem to have any affect. I think this file was initially imported from McMaster-Car into Fusion 360, then exported as an SVG (there may have been a step or two in between - Adobe AI might have been in the mix, can’t remember). I suspect that it would burn just fine, as is, but it is really kicking my OCD into overdrive that I can’t join these segments together!! Grrr!

I would upload the SVG as an example but the system won’t let me upload SVGs.
BTW: I am on a MAC with the latest version of LightBurn. Happy to provide the files.

Chances are good that if you zoom in you’ll find places where the lines overlap or don’t line up well. You can email the file to developer at LightBurnSoftware and I’ll have a look,

When I get back to my computer, I’ll email you the file.

I just sent the file. Zooming in doesn’t resolve the problem. In fact, in node edit mode and “snap” on, the segments that will not join, will snap to each other but still won’t “join”. It doesn’t happen on all the line segments.

I’ve seen some files that are structured in such a way that it confuses the line join code. Hard to explain, but I’ll be able to tell fairly quickly if that’s it.

FYI (for anyone following along): I got around this issue by using the offset Shape function - offsetting outward .5mm, with delete original, then offsetting inward deleting original.

I sent the file to Developer at - did you guys get the file I sent?

Received, but might be a few days before I can look at it. We’re moving from CA to NY, starting the road trip on Monday, so things are significantly more chaotic than usual at the moment.

No rush - I was just wanted to make sure it was received. Best of luck on your move!

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