Having problem joining vectors

I have no idea what I am doing wrong, so I am hoping someone will let me know what I am missing here.

I have a pretty simple drawing and I am unable to get the vector at the base of the bottom tree part (marked on drawing) to join with the rest of the tree.

The top tree half connected together with no problems, but the bottom half is being extremely stubborn.

The LBRN file is attachedtree.lbrn (63.2 KB)

I had to remove the line then extend path of trunk to reproduce the bottom section, allowing the node to ‘Snap’ connect to the other side.

tree_Fixed.lbrn (65.0 KB)

Thanks! But why would the existing vector not join to the open ends of the main shape?

The answer isn’t simple to explain, and has to do with how paths are stored in LightBurn and some assumptions I made when joining things. I’m changing the code to be more general to handle this case.

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