Having trouble getting laser to connect

I recently got a new laser, I followed the directions sent with it when downloading light burn and connecting it. When I do all of the necessary steps light burn keeps saying disconnected. I have watched videos and googled everything I know to and from what Ive seen it shows that when you follow the steps and get through the connect manually part it should say ready and you can start using your laser. I have made sure everything is plugged in correctly and I honestly have no clue what else I need to do to get it connected.

Did you go through the Lightburn grbl setup?

If so which ‘flavor’ of grbl did you choose?

While you are there, check out the Coordinate and Job Origin documentation.

They are not long and make things much easier…

Good luck


Open LightBurn with everything on and connected and open the Console window and the Laser window.

In the middle of the bottom of the Laser window, it probably says Auto in that box. Click there and have a look for an option that says “usbmodem” and select that. I suspect that the Macbook fell down the “cu.bluetooth” hole. It seems to cause all kinds of Auto-find problems.

The console window should generate a welcome message other than ‘Waiting for connection’. Let us know if you can’t get there.

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