Having trouble getting my laser set up. I attempted to follow the directions but not having success

I have a SainSmart CNC 3018 ProVer, GRBL control card with V1.1f firmware and the 5.5 Watt Laser. I selected GRBL driver. It says GRBL 1.1f ("$" for Help) in the console. I added the command line $32=1 in the console, I tried adding the $30 per the instructions “Common GRBL Setups” but that didn’t make the laser come on (I got a message saying that command is not recognized). I checked the Device Settings so the S Value Max is 1000. I drew a simple 1" dia circle and it moves the laser but the laser won’t come on. What am I missing?

This is worth review.

I have tried to reinstall my software and key but it does not work, I sent you a message and your reply was for me to get a screen shot, I am not a Tecci a first time user of your product and lasers,. I am stuck in the middle and need help. Frustred after a day on my laptop trying to resolve the issue. HELP PLEASE SOMEONE Sam Midgley

Yes, we are asking the following:

Hi Sam,

Please show a screenshot (no cell phone pics of screens, please) of the software showing the error you are experiencing.

We need to see the error to best direct you. We need this information, no matter where you report this. Google “How to take a screen-shot in [whatever OS you have]”, to learn the best way to provide this capture.

You have listed a Ruida, but post at the bottom of an unrelated thread that is addressing a very different issue with an entirely different laser system. You should continue to work with the email support folks. They are there to assist and help you get this resolved.

When entering the key, it is best to use the OS copy and paste tools to ensure you are entering the key correctly. Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste.

NOTE: I just looked at what you provide for a key. You are transposing numbers, so the copy and paste trick I offer above should resolve. Don’t post your key here in public. :wink:

Hi Rick I have moved further with your help since our last conversation, download lightburn working and laser has accepted this, machine is running but so far not cuts, siren beeps a lot is this saying I have a problem, almost there. maybe i need to run start up for beginners and understand how to use the pad on the laser, your thoughts please… Sam

Always helpful. We also offer a bunch of helpful videos on our YouTube channel. :slight_smile:

Also, you jumped this thread, at the end of an unrelated post, with an entirely different issue. Please create a new post under these conditions.

Sorry I am totally new to this need to understand your protocol, old 75 but still learning

All good, learning is great.

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