Having trouble staying connected since I purchased

I was initially having issues staying connect with the trial but realized I never downloaded the correct drivers. I had ZERO issues for the last 10day, so I purchased LB. Now it seems everytime I open a new file I am disconnected and need to keep shutting down with the hopes of reconnecting, any ideas???

What kind of laser, controller, and computer (operating system) are you using? Your profile lists “Red/Black”, so I know what color it is. :slight_smile:

It has a Ruida controller and it’s an 80w Red and Black one like every other Chinese one made. It does t have a name. Everyone recommended this software but I keep disconnecting. Originally I didn’t have the drivers installed. And I had a bad cord. Since I bought it the machine disconnect almost every time I open a new file.

How are you determining that it is disconnecting? If it says “disconnected” on the display, just right-click the ‘Devices’ button to retry the initial connection.

If you power your laser first and let it finish homing, then start LightBurn, it’ll connect every time. If you run the software first, then power the laser, you might have to right-click the ‘Devices’ button to reconnect, though that’s rarely necessary - it mostly does the same thing when you click the ‘Start’ button.

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