Head Mounted Camera Calibration

I have been fighting through the head mounted camera calibration all weekend and just cant seem to get it dialed in. in all reality I think its a disconnect in the step by step directions… I think I’m just not understanding exactly where the program wants me to click on for points?
step 1 center the target pattern in the preview window (easy enough)
step 2 double click on the center of the target ( got it )
step 3 double click on the line crossing the “1” near the center of the pattern ( im assuming this is nearest the center of the “1” on the line so easy enough)
step 4 double click on the marker with the new grid location ( this is where i think i start to loose it ? im guessing the closest crossing grid? but my marker is on the line dead centered between two grids so im not sure?
step 5 click on the line labeled “2” nearest the center of the pattern I’m guessing again on the 2?
step 6 double click on the marker with the new grid location( again lost on where im supposed to click
step 7 click the 4 markers to align them. they seem to end up all over the place depending on where i click the previous steps

I didn’t think you could use a head mounted camera. I thought the software expected it to be a stationary mount. Didn’t see anything in the documentation about it being able to ‘move’…

Good luck


Some code to support head mounted cameras was exposed in recent releases. This includes the “Align Head-Mounted Camera” feature in Laser Tools. However, I had the impression that it was not fully integrated end-to-end for use in LightBurn as yet but I may be wrong about this.

it defintatly seems to be causing me issues so stay away for now… i guess i am about to follow the directions in another post i found and roll back my device as my overhead has now stopped working…

The head mounted camera code is brand new and still beta-ish, but exposed so we could get a larger test audience playing with it.

Your first few steps are correct - you mark the center, then the point next to the 1, then the point one additional grid square from there, along the same horizontal line.

Then you go away from the center vertically, toward the 2, marking the first grid mark, then the 2nd.

After that, the system should put four marks at the four furthest visible corners of the grid, and asks you to adjust those to line them up perfectly.

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Ok I’ll load a copy of lightburn on a spare laptop so I don’t mess with my main money making machine this time then I can send you screenshots of what I am clicking and what I am getting for results

Im going to be asking questions about this very subject very soon. Very much a newbie to laser cutting, and rather technophobic.

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