Head mounted camera

Has anyone made any progress with retrofitting a head mounted camera? If not, could someone direct me to a camera that may work so I can try to figure something out? Trying to get high accuracy (± 0.020") positioning.

LightBurn does not currently support a head mounted camera. Though it is in the works.

Same as when this was asked before. Development has begun as @adammhaile says, but no ETA is provided.

Could you direct me to the best camera for head mounting and using as a normal lightburn camera? You has linked to a Endoscope camera which seems like a good idea. Would any USB Endoscope style camera work?

.02 accuracy seems pretty optimistic unless you can look straight down the vertical axis of the laser beam. It would mean your focal point would vertically have to have even better than .02" accuracy. Presumably the camera would have to look at an angle from either the X or Y axis (or maybe both) and any vertical offset from perfect vertical focus plane would shift the laser point accordingly. Of course the delta error reduces as the camera angle approaches vertical. Just my .02 worth…

Once you know the offset of where the laser will cut in relation to the camera you could make that adjustment in your layout. As long as it’s repeatable with a rigid mount to the laser head I don’t see an issue.

No, not yet. We are trying to tell you that LightBurn does not currently support a head-mounted camera. To make this as simple as possible, LightBurn currently supports a stationary camera, not one that can be moved around.

I was not providing a recommendation for an endoscope style camera. I was providing this:

This is what I was referencing.

I was thinking I could mount a camera to the head and just use it to align reference points on a piece of acrylic to cutout.

LightBurn does not, at this time, have support for that use-case either.

You probably could, but if you’re wanting LightBurn to help you with that process, you’ll have to wait until the feature is coded and released. The camera won’t be in-line with the beam path, so there’s an offset to work out, and the image might be rotated if the camera isn’t perfectly mounted.

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