Head not moving to the commanded location

Hey all, I’m having issues with the head not moving to the commanded location. I’ve doubled checked E-steps and I also checked against lasergrbl. I’ve tried the go-to tool on the tool bar and manually input coordinates into the move window.

I’ve attached a screenshot of where the head went when commanded to 200x200. The software bedsize is also affected by this, as in I have to select out of bounds at the top of the window to the middle of the physical bed. I can give more information if needed. Thanks

Can you run these commands one at a time in Console after homing?



















































Looks like the output of the final command is missing:


That will show position. Can you run that as well please?




Hmm. That is not what I expected. To confirm, that was the output of the command post homing?

The root cause of your issue is almost certainly related to the work offset created here:

However, the ? status output isn’t behaving as it should in that case.

Yes, all the responses were post homing.

Let’s remove the offset and see where that leaves us then. Can you run this command in Console?

G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0

Then rehome and test.

That seems to have taken care of it. Thanks for all your help.

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