Head stops at start of job?

Hi all… Ruida RDC6442S(EC) Chinese generic machine. Has been very reliable but has just started to stop at start of a job. - Moves from ‘home’ position ok but freezes at start of work. But not always. Sometimes it goes ok if doing just a ‘line’. Also buttons on console refuse to work. Have to turn machine off thenn back on . It resets ok. Thought I had fixed it by moving USB cable to different port. Worked fine for rest of the day. 1st job this morning same issue. Exported the file into RD works and sent it… worked fine. Annoying. Any ideas out there in LB Land …?

Well, Think I found the issue. The power unit in machine has a cable connector (High voltage one) and it had decided to come loose (!) so was intermitant in connection/current. Two days of head scratching, elimination trials etc. But got theree in the end…it would seem. Thanks

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