Hello All, lightburn galvo question

I believe I know the answer but, I have to ask anyway. Purchasing a Fiber laser to add to my collection. it is compatible with lightburn do I need to purchase a new license and download a new copy of Lightburn?

Currently the only boards are for EZCad2 that are supported by Lightburn… As of 1.7 beta release, I think they are also supporting xTool S1 and BSL Galvo lasers.

Ensure they tell you it’s Lightburn compatible.

Good luck


omtech website marks says Lightburn compatible with the Lightburn symbol next to the device.

That should be good… :slight_smile:


Assuming that it doesn’t come with a License for LightBurn, you would at least have to add Galvo support to your existing license key. Assuming you’re running a new enough version that has Galvo support in it, nothing needs to be done but adding the license support. Can be purchased here: