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I haven’t been here for a while, but I’ve made some progress. However, I do have a random question. I know the software has a frame option, which I use frequently. But I was curious, does the software have a test run engraving, just like the frame function? What I mean is, is it possible to do an engraving preview so you can see how it’s going to engrave on the material itself? Not like the preview screen, but where the laser itself moves but doesn’t actually engrave?

Asking for myself and another newbie i know

No. There’s nothing like that in LightBurn.

Some alternative strategies:

  1. set power to 0% on all layers and run the job. This has the disadvantage where you’re having to change your settings which may be impractical in some scenarios. Note that you can undo setting changes so may be manageable if not still error prone.
  2. some lasers allows you to disable power to the laser and still run the job. Disabling power and running would get you the effect that you want but obviously not an option on all lasers.
  3. I haven’t tried it but I think theoretically you could set S Value Max to 0 or something very small and power would be scaled to nothing or nearly nothing.

I don’t know of way… On my co2, I leave the laser power supply (lps) turned off.

You could run it at a very low power so low it does no damage… or unplug the cable to the laser head…

Nothing that I know of with a laser like yours…

The most simple is probably very low power…

@berainlb would know better, he’s up on these machines better than I.


thanks guys I kinda figured that if I turned the power down I could do that but I wasn’t sure if It would mess up my material but I set it to 1% and it works now I can see where stuff starts better

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I like this idea too. Just the head whipping around does not tell me much. Painting a no-burn beam on the target would really help visualize what is going to happen…

I agree it would be neat to see it implemented

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