Hello & Thank you

Hi Everyone
Almost finished the build of my Co2 laser, taken almost a year!
Mainly due to the COVID pandemic, but we are getting through it, hopefully everyone is keeping safe.

My build has a work area of 1400x1200mm and a Z travel of 300mm
Using a Reci 130W tube and a Ruida controller.
Of course I’ve opted for LightBurn as my go to software.

I’ve spent the last few weeks beam aligning and doing lots of test cutting and engraving and fine tuning.

LightBurn and the rich depository of LightBurn related YouTube videos has made the setup and learning of the software relatively easy.

Many thanks
Best regards
Melbourne, Australia

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for these kind words. We really enjoy hearing folks find value and enjoyment from the efforts. Good luck finishing up this build and please, share some pix of this beast and some more of the resulting production pieces when you can. Love to see them. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick
Find attached a few quick pictures.
As you can see I will need to complete the enclosure, just needed to make sure everything aligned.
My build was inspired by MW Lasers DYI series and can affirm Matt was a great help in sorting a few teething problems on the initial power up.

Best regards
RaphZfront Over view laser tube wiring

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