Help. 1st time set up w MAC platform

I have a new ortur and 1st time setting up w Mac computer or any as matter of fact can’t get laser to work!! It moves but no laser

How did you go about the setup process? Which ‘Devices’ profile are you using? Which version of macOS are you running? The details of what you have, how you have configured, what you have tried and the result you expect along with what actually did or did not happen, are all important when trying to remotely diagnose the issues we are not able to “see” without your help. :wink: Please provide as much detail as you can when posting.

This is a great resource worth review: First Time Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

Progress through each step, advancing until you complete the Simple Project section, let us know where things are not working and we can assist.

I will get all this info soon as I get back home!!! Thanks in advance

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