Help/Advice Replacing Full Spectrum Hardware Controller

I’m one of the Stewards for the lasers in our local maker space. We have two Gen5, 40W Full Spectrum 20”x12” models and the (now unsupported) proprietary software for it has grown increasingly dysfunctional.

From previous posts here it seems our best solution is to replace the hardware controller in the lasers so they’re compatible with LightBurn.

Can anyone recommend what type of new hardware controller board we should install? The previous posts I’ve read are from over 3 years ago and I didn’t know if any better or less expensive options have come out since then? (This may be reaching, but has anyone made a raspberry pie controller that works with LightBurn?)

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Lightburn dsp had the Ruida in mind when it was developed, so I’d opt for something like a 6442 or 6445… The 5 is the newest…

It should be a relatively painless change over, but, if possible, you want to save the configuration data from the original… If you can’t you might have to compute new values for items such as the stepper motors rotation → actual movement.

On a Ruida, it’s referred to as vendor setting. A new controller has no associated vendor or idea what you are sticking it into… so it’s configuration is critical.

A grbl board is doable, but there are substantial advantages using a piece of hardware like the Ruida.

Make sense?

Forgot to mention the PI can’t run Lightburn natively, it’s an ARM processor and that architecture isn’t supported. I’ve head of people getting it up running a windows version in a vm. It’s not supported so it’s just a hack at this time.

There is a Lightburn Bridge built on the PI expressly for the Ruida. It has a software layer to help with the UDP communications of the Ruida. They give away the software for the PI so if you have one laying around, you just have to load it.


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Very much so, thank you! I’ll look through the ruidas. Are the models different enough that having the latest one would be an advantage? Our lasers were made in 2013, could we get any extra performance out of it by having the ruida 6445?

I’ll also dig through all the configuration settings I can find in the Retina Engrave software to make sure I have them recorded.

I really appreciate your help!

Generally speaking, all of these electronics can outrun your physical hardware, so I don’t think you will really see a change other than the much more simple people interface — Lightburn…

I edited my previous post with a PI comment.