HELP! Cutting 7.5mm Mylar with Atomstack S20

Hello everyone,

I am going mad trying to figure out how to consistently cut 7.5mm mylar with an Atomstack S20. I have tried a variety of speed / power settings. I can get it to cut @ 150mm speed @ 20% power with wood behind the mylar but there are burn marks on the mylar. If I fiddle with the settings, the cuts are either inconsistent or non-existent.

Has anyone had success cutting mylar with an Atomstack, and, if so, how did you do so?

Thank you!

It’s semi-transparent white mylar btw. Do I need to buy something totally opaque?

Thanks again,

Figured it out! Put a flat piece of plywood under the mylar, 100mm/min speed, 15% power, 2 passes. Edges of cut mylar have some slight charring but the cutout forms are crisp and 100% usable for what we are doing (cutting stencils). Hope this helps the next person trying to figure this out.

After one pass, which side is ‘cut’ top/bottom?

A laser frequency determines what it will damage or not. An led is in the visible light range so the more ‘clear’ something is to us, the less likely it will cut it. Mylar is rather transparent, so it would be more likely the heat from the support piece causing it to damage the Mylar. Fortuneately Mylar is rather thin…

Just curious…

Good luck…


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